Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top Sets

So I'm pretty excited to announce that I've received 2 Top Set notifications in my Polyvore inbox this week. They are both for the interior design category, and I'm super stoked to finally be getting recognition! I feel like the interior design section of Polyvore has been lacking so I'm excited to see the change in interest. Especially excited that the Polyvore staff have been recognizing my efforts to make well-thought out and interesting sets for you guys!

I have always loved interior design, and have recently decided to go back to school to obtain a degree in Landscape Horticulture and become a landscape designer in the Bay Area. When I was little I spent so many hours just staying up and designing my dream houses, the room set-up, the drapes, the windows.. I loved it all. I am a list-maker so I feel at home creating a gigantic 'wow' from lots of little 'oohs'. :) If you know what I mean! ;)

I think I might focus on an outdoorsy set next, and start collecting something to 'bring the outdoors in'. I love the rustic, woodsy feel of a home in the forest. I want a ranch so bad with chickens and goats and dogs and a horse! I think I'll be creating a dream home from one of these ideas :) What should I include? Wood paneling, ceramic dishes, warm throws, natural light..... That's what I'm thinking so far! <3

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