Tuesday, May 21, 2013

simplistic happiness

simplistic happiness

Accessorize floral jewelry / Breakfast in Bed Tea Set with Tray / Sketch Floral Trivet / Open Peony Corsage , Pale Pink, $15

I have always loved tea. Sweet peach tea in the summer, warm apple cider in the winter. Teas before bed to warm my body, teas in the morning to start my day. Teas in the afternoon to give me a kick, peppermint is my favorite for this one. I just really love tea. And I was feeling kinda minimalistic this morning, I was pretty slow waking up, and felt like looking over a tray of tea and accessories would make me totally happy.

I usually am pretty detailed in the sets that I make, but I entered this one into Art/Expressions rather than fashion or interior design because it's so minimalistic and artsy. IDK> :) I hope it still gets noticed. So far, I've been getting a pretty solid good response from when I put it up, I've gotten a steady stream of likes on my polyvore page @gardengalagirls. :)

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