Friday, May 10, 2013

part-time job

part-time job

Uniqlo print top / Mango metallic sweater / Uniqlo camisole top / Uniqlo camisole top / Uniqlo camisole top / Uniqlo chiffon skirt / Uniqlo chiffon skirt / River Island long black maxi skirt, $39 / River Island long sheer skirt, $47 / Lucky Brand closed toe shoes / Lucky Brand flat shoes / Lucky Brand closed toe shoes

LOL! Whats up guys!! I'm just gonna start talking, and hope some of y'all are bored enough to give me a listen!! LOL. But seriously, stay tuned if you want to check out what's going on. :P

It seems I've applied everywhere for a job recently, so the prospect of nice work clothes in my closet is getting me thinking about how I want to spend the money I'm going to work so hard to earn. I've thought that since I'll be working part-time, I'm going to allot $500 every three months or so to new clothes. This is an experiment, I'm not sure how well it's going to work, so I'll just try it and let you all know what happens! So I started planning my first $500 shopping haul, I decided I'd save until July 1, and then buy some nice work clothes. That gives me all of June, and two weeks in May to save.

I waited to post this set to Polyvore until I wrote this blog, so you could see what I was talking about! I want to use it as inspiration, more like just for me, and now you, to figure out if it's a great choice. I want to look at my options well before I spend all this money! Do you do this too? I love planning what I'm going to buy. Makes buyer's remorse non-existent! It's great. I'd love to hear what you all think about what I post, after all, I'm doing it so I can figure out if I want to buy this stuff, if it will be worth it! Your comments will be most appreciated!

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